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Bar Light
Bar Light

Product Description

SMD High-density, rectangular illumination 6 Row SMD LED with lens arrays are arranged in rectangular array to provide rectangular illumination. The rectangular illumination can be mounted with different angle to provide different in illumination reflection for image processing. Optional diffuser can be added to all LED lights for more even light distribution.

Product Specification

Camera with built-in light The all-in-one camera including the light and lens can be easily integrated into almost any machine. * The FQ2 Smart Cameras are also available. High-power lighting
Rolling shutter camera added to the line-up The benefits of cost-effective rolling shutter cameras are now being recognized once again. The rolling shutter camera scans the pixels of each line. Although this produces distortions of moving objects, high-resolution yet cost-effective inspection and measurement can be performed.
The sensor has a built-in high-power light capable of evenly lighting across a wide field of view. This provides sufficient lighting even when the enclosed polarizing filter is used. Adjustable lens
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